The Hottest Exterior Paint Colors of 2019: Elevate Your Home's Look

Mar 4, 2024

In the realm of home design, nothing quite refreshes the look of your house like a fresh coat of paint. The exterior color of your home not only represents your personal taste but also creates a lasting impression for anyone passing by. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or add subtle charm, choosing the right exterior paint color is crucial.

Exploring the Top Exterior Paint Colors of 2019

This year, the trends in exterior paint colors have taken a shift towards more daring and vibrant choices. Homeowners are increasingly opting for colors that reflect their individuality and style. Let's delve into some of the hottest exterior paint colors of 2019 that can help you transform the look of your home:

1. Bold Navy Blue

Naval-inspired navy blue makes a striking statement when used as an exterior paint color. This deep shade exudes elegance and pairs beautifully with white trim for a classic look.

2. Modern Greige

A combination of gray and beige, greige has gained immense popularity for its versatility. This neutral hue complements a variety of architectural styles and landscape settings, giving your home a contemporary yet timeless appeal.

3. Rich Olive Green

Olive green, with its earthy undertones, brings a sense of harmony to the exterior of your home. This sophisticated color works well with both traditional and modern aesthetics, adding a touch of nature to your surroundings.

4. Vibrant Coral

For those seeking a pop of color, vibrant coral is a top choice for the exterior of your home. This energetic hue energizes the facade and creates a cheerful atmosphere, perfect for welcoming guests.

5. Warm Terracotta

Terracotta, with its warm and inviting tones, is a popular choice to add earthy charm to your home's exterior. This color evokes a sense of comfort and coziness, creating a welcoming facade for your property.

Transforming Your Home with the Right Paint Store

When it comes to choosing the perfect exterior paint color for your home, partnering with a reputable Paint Store can make all the difference. With a wide range of color options and expert advice, you can bring your vision to life and enhance your home's curb appeal.

Bringing Your Vision to Life with Interior Design

Aside from the exterior, the overall design and aesthetics of your home's interior play a crucial role in creating a harmonious living space. Interior Design experts can offer valuable insights and creative solutions to elevate the look and feel of your home.


As you embark on the journey of revamping your home's exterior, consider the hottest paint colors of 2019 to make a stylish statement. Whether you opt for bold hues or subtle neutrals, the right choice can transform your home and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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